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I accept heard abounding a blogger say that blogging fills a need. While blogging provides a adorning aftereffect on account and journaling, it aswell opens a window into claimed lives. The data accumulated in blogs were already alone accessible to a baddest accumulation of friends, and while blogging has become accepted place, it has risks that should not be ignored.Cyberstalking is a new abnormality that allows bearding online stalkers to cruise for victims. Online bloggers commonly accommodate claimed data about their lives. As a result, abounding women that blog are acceptable victims. Most humans are anxious about accouchement on the Internet and set up accurate announcement guidelines for children, adolescents, and teenagers, but few adults heed the warnings and generally do not accede that they too can be targeted.Females, in particular, should be alert if circumnavigating the blogosphere. If you are a blogger or advertent an online journal, accede these tips to absorption your identity:

Do not accept an online profile.Most blogging casework acquiesce bloggers to actualize an online profile. While it ability be fun to column advice about brand and dislikes, it is best to burden from announcement any claimed details. Often, claimed data aback accommodate acumen into concrete breadth or habits. The accumulated advice in a claimed contour can aswell abetment anyone absorbed in advancing an individual.Post anonymously.Manage your blog anonymously or accept an alias for all online posting. This will advice assure you in the accident that you draw exceptionable attention.Avoid claimed or anecdotic details.Avoid any claimed or anecdotic data if announcement in your blog. Do not column in beforehand about locations that you will be or about areas that you reside near.No photos.Refrain from announcement a picture. Photos can allure agitation or exceptionable attention.Avoid inappropriate dialogue.Be accurate not to appoint in chat that could be interpreted in a way that it was not intended. Sometimes amusing accoutrement can get out of hand. If the chat degrades to an breadth that makes you uncomfortable, abstract from the chat and burden from added posting. Aswell if authoritative decisions about individuals online, accede their accomplished announcement behavior and attack to accede their accurate intentions.Lurkers.Always bethink that just because you do not accept a chat with anyone does not beggarly that they are not account aggregate that you write. Abounding humans alone lurk on band and don’t appoint in animadversion posting, but do apprehend what is written. Your admirers could be abundant beyond than you realize.Timeless.

Internet agreeable is timeless, and accumulate in apperception that even if you abolish content, it ability be archived or syndicated. If you do not wish something read, do not column it to the Internet. High Schools, Colleges and Employers all seek the Internet to anticipate an individuals history. Sordid data about a backward night will not advice acreage a coveted job.The internet is a anchorage for all types of predators. Always bethink that just because anyone says something is true, does not beggarly that it is. Predators accept personas of who they anticipate you wish them to be. Just as we accommodate guidelines to adolescent children, adults should be alert and yield precautions if announcement online as well.While blogging can be a abundant aperture and channel, and in someway immortalizing thoughts, it is important that assurance is advised and that acceptable blogging practices are followed at all times.Copyright 2006 Sharon Housley