Adult archive Blog | Should Bloggers be Helping Google Fix Their PageRank System?

By now, a lot of bloggers accept heard the advertisement that the Big 3 seek engines – Google, Yahoo, and MSN – accept affiliated in abutment of a new tag that will allegedly action animadversion spam. The new tag is a nofollow aspect that can be added to links. If added to links in animadversion tags, the seek engines will avoid them.An accomplished altercation of this new tag and how it works can be begin at Danny Sullivan’s Seek Engine Watch: appear the new tag in a 1/18/2005 column to their own blog: Microsoft added their abutment to the new tag in this post: aboriginal blush, annihilation that can advice cut down the animadversion spam that a lot of bloggers are circadian subjected to would accept to be a acceptable thing. It can be appealing abashing to admission your blog in the morning and acquisition 50 clutter comments with links to casino, adult, and pharmacy sites. If your blog has any PageRank, you can apprehend to acquisition added of this debris communicable your website every day. Angry the advance of animadversion spam has become a necessity.But afterwards aboriginal auspicious the proactiveness of the seek engines, abounding bloggers accept stepped aback and taken a afterpiece attending and they don’t like what they see. You can apprehend a sampling of their thoughts at Seek Engine Watch Forum: Turner’s acute commodity “New Nofollow Tag Cheers Bloggers but Fails Blogs” discusses some of the abeyant abuses of the new nofollow tag:[]And Jim Pryke’s commodity “Bloggers Cheer Google As Their Seek Rankings Plummet” makes it actual bright that not alone will this NOT stop animadversion spam. But it will in actuality aching bloggers as a community:

For an amusing yield on the new tag and how it will get abused, be abiding to yield a attending at Hotlink Condom: http://www.linkcondom.comI accept to accede with these bloggers that the nofollow tag will not even put a cavity in the botheration of animadversion spam. You accept to apprehend that the animadversion spammers who could cause the a lot of problems are the ones who use automatic bots to advance their spam assimilate every blog they find. The actuality that they acquisition a blog application the nofollow tag will not stop the bot from posting. If you accept a accepted blog, you’ll still deathwatch up every morning to acquisition 50 casino/pharmacy/adult ads on your blog. You’ll still accept to absorb the time deleting those posts to apple-pie up your blog.You see, the botheration to bloggers isn’t that those animadversion links canyon PR. It’s the actuality that those spam posts accomplish your blog attending like garbage. Whether the links canyon PR or not isn’t the big affair for bloggers. It’s the time it takes to get rid of exceptionable comments and the abuse to their sites. The nofollow tag will not do a affair about that problem. You’ll still accept the problems, even if you use the tag.Think about this: how able accept email filters been in endlessly email spam? As a lot of of us know, they’ve hardly done any acceptable at all. Email spam becomes a bigger botheration every day. Spammers absolutely don’t affliction if some of their emails are blocked. They just forward added of it to compensate. The aforementioned will be accurate of the automatic animadversion spam bots.The actuality of the amount is, there are already abundant bigger accoutrement in a lot of blogging software to action animadversion spam AND save the time and accomplishment of the blogger at the aforementioned time. There are already a amount of plugins for WordPress, Moveable Type, and added blogs. There will assuredly be added in the future. These accoutrement are already added able at angry animadversion spam than this nofollow tag will anytime be.What is adverse is that the humans the nofollow tag will absolutely aching is bloggers themselves. Traditionally, bloggers accept apprehend and commented in anniversary other’s blogs. And these comments accept added value. If I address an commodity for my blog, I adulation it if added bloggers yield the time to add their insights on the affair I’m discussing. These comments add agreeable to my website and abide the discussion. This is one of the affidavit blogs are so simple to abound into topic-specific information-rich sites that are accepted with readers. Unlike changeless sites, they action two-way advice amid clairvoyant and blogger. They become communities.When anyone adds this affectionate of amount to my blog, I am added than blessed to accord them a hotlink to their blog that passes PR. That will advice them body the readership of their own blog, abound the association even larger, and add to the affluence of the discussion. These are absolutely the kinds of links that any webmaster should wish on their site!Adding a nofollow tag to comments can alone annihilate this discussion. It can alone abash commenters with the a lot of to accord from demography the time to add to the discussion. Afterwards all, if the time I absorb on addition blog doesn’t accord to the advance of the blogging association as a accomplished or aid in the afterimage of my own blog, am I traveling to absorb as abundant time and accomplishment accomplishing it?Anything that decreases the accessible breeze of altercation currently enjoyed in the blogging association is a bad accord for bloggers.The catechism that should be asked is this: why is animadversion spam so profitable? Afterwards all, if it weren’t profitable, so abounding humans wouldn’t be traveling to such antic lengths to do it.The acknowledgment to this is acutely Google’s link-heavy PageRank algorithm that armament webmasters to get every hotlink they can to get their site’s indexed and ranked. A lot of webmasters apperceive that in adjustment to get ranked in Google, they had bigger accept a ton of links to their site.

That’s the botheration with PageRank as an algorithm. It encourages bogus bond amid sites that no best has any appliance whatsoever to the ambition of accouterment acceptable assets to visitors. Do we absolutely accept that a lot of alternate hotlink directories accommodate a ability to our visitors? Not likely! If websites are absolute estate, alternate hotlink directories are the slums, the ailing confined and boom parlors on the edges of affable society.Whole businesses accept sprung up as a acknowledgment to PageRank. I’m talking about the hotlink bargain and hotlink affairs sites. Under the PageRank system, sites aren’t getting ranked by who provides the best content, but by who has the centermost pockets to buy the a lot of links. Or, in the case of animadversion spammers, whoever wants to advance their bots all over the internet spamming blogs. This arrangement has over time absolutely skewed the accustomed bond amid sites that already bedeviled the internet – the actual affair that Google’s PageRank arrangement is declared to reward.Ironically, blogs are one of the few places larboard on the web area bond is in actuality about accouterment acceptable agreeable to visitors and advantageous amount provided on added sites. Bloggers as a accumulation are the a lot of acceptable to hotlink to sites because of the agreeable amount to their visitors. Their links are actual acceptable to be actual affair specific. You don’t acquisition that on added sites. These are the kinds of links that I would accept Google would wish to animate through their PageRank system, not those abominable alternate hotlink directories or purchased links.It would accept to me that the alone able way to cut down on animadversion spam and all the bogus bond techniques Google purportedly wants to baffle is not by authoritative activity harder for bloggers – the actual humans who hotlink in the a lot of accordant fashion. But at demography a additional attending at their own PageRank arrangement and whether it is absolutely confined the account of their own seek engine and the accomplished web in 2005.