Adult archive Blog | Why You Don’t Need a Blog

It’s time to amend blogs. For those of us who accommodate able casework for a living, a blog apparently does not accomplish sense. It about absolutely will not accomplish you added money.Business Anniversary (June 2, 2008) revisited its big “Blogs Will Change Your Business” commodity from 2005. Accepted statistics appearance that alone 25% of the US developed citizenry who are online appointment even ONE blog already a month.BW reflects on their now-dated commodity from three years ago: “blogs…are just one of the do-it-yourself accoutrement to appear on the Internet.”The fizz I apprehend in the Internet business apple is lots of experts advising and teaching classes to advice those who started blogs amount out what to do to accumulate them up. They’ve run out of things to say.

I anticipate these Blog Advocates anticipate they’ve begin the angelic beaker because blog software is simple and seek engines can see the adapted content. So what?ITS EASY TO BUILD AND UPDATE YOUR OWN WEBSITE AND IT WILL BE FOUND BY SEARCH ENGINES AND ITS WAY BETTER THAN A BLOG FOR MOST PEOPLE.Assuming that you are authoritative your active by affairs your services, your ambition for Internet Business MUST be to allure new paying clients. Will blogging absolutely accomplish that appear more/better than a website?Blog vs. WebsiteUPDATINGYou accept to amend a blog at atomic alert a anniversary to accumulate it current. With a agreeable administration arrangement for your website, you can amend whenever you want, but already or alert a ages is apparently acceptable for the seek engines.CONTENTDo you accept something new and accordant to say about your breadth of ability alert a week? You can column solid agreeable on your website and again do account email newsletters, which humans assurance up for on your website and annal the old ones to actualize new website content. Permission business is great!

WHAT YOUR CUSTOMERS NEED TO FINDIf you advertise your able casework for a living, your affairs and audience charge to see that you are a solid, reliable able in your field. They don’t charge to apprehend your online journaling to get that. What they charge to see is that you are who you say you are and that they aces the buzz up to acquisition out added about you!IS THIS REALLY A GOOD USE OF YOUR TIME?Enough said.